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Krolevets. Ukraine. Hotel complex "Master and Margarita"

Krolevets. Hotel complex "Master and Margarita"

Hotel complex "Master and Margarita". Krolevets, Sumy province, Ukraine.

Hotel complex "Master and Margarita". Krolevets, Sumy province, Ukraine.
Krolevets, Sumska, Ukraine - Hotel "Master and Margarita".


Hotel complex "Master and Margarita" is situated in the centre of Krolevets.

It is convenient point to reach on Kyiv-Moscow route by train or by car (260 km from Kyiv, 80 km - to Russian border) and from Chernigiv and Shostka directions

Complex consists of Hotel and Car Service Centre, that are on the same location.

There is also a cosy cafe, where you can relax and dine.

There is a dentist cabinet at our hotel. Tel.: +38 (097) 9802110


Hotel "Master and Margarita"
Ivana Franka street 5,
Krolevets, Sumy province, Ukraine



+38 (05453) 9 79 44
+38 (067) 757 59 90


/*Prices are for reference only. Check the prices at the reception, please/

Type of rooms Number of rooms
(number of beds in a room)
Price per month

Price for a week

Price for 4 hours

Price for 12 hours

Price for 24 hours

Twin - 1st class 1 (2) 3700,00 1800,00 200,00 320,00 370,00
Double Twin 2 (2) 3200,00 1300,00 140,00 290,00 320,00
Twin Economy Rooms 4 (2) 2200,00 1000,00 100,00 160,00 270,00

Twin Economy Rooms (shower, WC, tv - on the floor)

Twin - 1st class (shower, WC, tv)

Double Twin (shower, WC, tv)

Editional services:

- free car parking for hotel clients
- if you stay for more then 24 hours and for constant clients you have a discount of 10%
- booking - 10% of one bed price
- free Wi-Fi


Car Service Centre:


+38 (098) 077 55 25


Reparation of engine, wheels, electrical equipment, chassis.
Service on all car types; ordering car spare parts.
Service costs - 150 UAH per hour.


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